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Summer. - In A World Where Friends Means Enemies

About Summer.

Previous Entry Summer. May. 18th, 2006 @ 12:36 pm Next Entry
There hasn't been much of anything going on in my life besides the fact that I have to go to summer school and I'm still waiting to do my financial aid because some people have to get an atitude about doing it. I can't wait till I'm like 25 and I don't need to have my parents do my financial aid anymore. Whatever. Thinking about it all makes me sick.

There's been alot of doing nothing and alot of stressing. I have to take Calculus this summer and it's going to cost me 507. Yeah, one fucking class is 507. That's ridiculous. Some ass clown is getting paid well. But then again, I pay for bullshit things I don't even use, such as the parking situation. I don't park at cajun field so why the fuck do I have to pay for that gay ass place? Whatever. ULL = the gay.

Besides everything else shitty in my life, the best part is all my friends and my wonderful boyfriend that keeps me sane. I love you all.

I ended the semester with an A, B and a C. heh.
Current Mood: awakeawake
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